The responsive website design is future-proof:

Responsive website design enables a website to respond to variable screen sizes and resolutions. Served on flexible images and fluid grid systems, this responsiveness enables the website to resize according to different screen sizes across devices. Making use of CSS media queries, the website would seamlessly adjust to the preferences of the viewer and eliminate the need for design and development for each separate device.

The rapid adaptation to smartphones and tablets has further popularized the trend of this responsive architecture. Embracing this shift has proven to be advantageous for businesses. Peach Solutions helps in transference of websites into the responsive architecture, evolving the customer's core processes towards greater profitability and efficiency.

Designing an optimal viewing experience.
Adaptive to the media that renders them, I use the following tools to enhance websites according to the end-user’s different viewing contexts.

  1. Foundation.
  2. Responsive Layouts, Responsively Wire-framed.
  3. Bootstrap.
  4. Retina Images.
  5. SimpleGrid.
FAT CATZ website template

It is a concept that has the potential to enhance user experience. In this dynamic era, I constantly collaborate with new devices, technological infrastructures, resolutions, and platforms to improve the overall experience of the end-user.